Yard Visits

Niki travels to yards in the local area

If you are unable to travel your horse to Willowsway or there are a few horses to be treated on a yard I offer Yard Visits.  I travel within a 1 hour radius from Willowsway.   For treatment outside this area please contact us for more information.

Yards Visits costs £70 which includes an initial consultation including; a detailed case history, observation in hand and under saddle if appropriate, a working diagnosis and treatment.

Travel within 10 miles of Willowsway LA8 0LE is free (We use googlemaps to calculate the distance)

Travel is charged at 45/mile (both ways) after this.

If more than one client is being seen in the same area, travel costs will be split between you.

Now my history with “back people” is they find something wrong, tweak it, God knows how? Why? with what? you give them upwards of £50 and hope to God its fixed! I am sceptical to say the least, but I was one step from phoning the vet, so what harm could it do.

This was the first time I had met Niki, from The Equestrian Osteopath. Firstly, she asked to see Jami move… A novel concept to me, not once had any back person asked to see my horse move! From this first phrase, I knew this was going to be different. Straight away Niki noticed issues apart from the obvious conformational issues we already deal with. I was asked questions regarding Jammies history, our goals, and what I felt specifically when I rode Jammy in different situations (schooling in circles, hacking, jumping.) Niki asked to see all Jammy’s tack, which quickly identified that her dressage saddle was not the correct fit for her and causing tightness across her lower back.

She then “treated” Jams back and I watched my lovely mare have a snooze while being made to be more comfortable. Niki suggested that a course of treatments, once a week until Jammy was made to feel better. I was left with exercise homework, and a plan for the week. I received an e-mail with a full break down of Jammy’s issues, where the areas of concern were, and a full skeletal diagram showing everything I needed to know.

Jessica Godman and Jammy